Stephen Moore

Principal, Security Strategy

Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore – Principal, Security Strategy

Before founding Presidia Security Consulting in 2009, Stephen Moore’s career in the Military Police culminated with his appointment as Canada’s top military police officer.

As Provost Marshal, he oversaw almost 2,000 military police officers and reported to the Vice Chief of Defence Staff for the policing, security and custodial needs of the Canadian Forces, at home and abroad.

This included a seat on the Executive Committee for the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada (CISC) and on the Counter-terrorism Committee for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP). He also led Military Police Security Services (MPSS), responsible for providing on-site security and advice to high-risk Canadian embassies across the world.

Prior to this, Stephen Moore served as Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service, the branch of the Military Police that investigates all serious and sensitive offences pertaining to the Department of National Defence.

His varied military career, working with all levels of government and with police and security agencies both domestically and internationally, has made Stephen Moore a sought-after advisor and specialist in security, investigations and intelligence.

As Security Strategy Principal of Presidia Security Consulting, Stephen advises clients including the House of Commons, and senior bureaucrats in all three levels of government and numerous private corporations.  He has provided critical operational and strategic advice to over 20 federal government departments and managed major multi-year projects in the public and private sectors.