Richard Draper

Senior Consultant

Richard Draper
Richard Draper – Senior Consultant

Richard Draper is a distinguished and decorated 28-year career with the Canadian Forces, the Department of National Defence, the Department of Justice and Canada’s Correctional Service before joining the Presidia Security Consulting team.

With Canada’s Military Police, Richard Draper directed ground security operations overseas, often in high-risk environments. He served as a security specialist with the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, to provide 24/7 security and protection.

While at Justice Canada, Richard served as Senior Security Coordinator for the 2018 Five Country Ministerial and the Annual General Meeting of the Attorneys General (Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand). In this role, he coordinated all event security, and logistic and administrative support with other government agencies and police services.

Richard spearheaded improvements to the national Business Continuity Planning (BCP) template used by the DND and the Canadian Forces. As a project officer with Canada’s Correctional Service, he initiated efforts to modernize the intelligence capabilities of security intelligence analysts deployed across the country.

With Presidia Security Consulting, Richard Draper provides tactical and strategic development in support of security operations, emergency management practices and threat/risk preparation to various federal departments and agencies.