Why Choose Presidia

You cannot and should not trust the security of your people, facilities and assets to just anyone.  You need a proven and exemplary track record. The Presidia Security Consulting team of true security experts have the first-hand experience in mitigating and responding to the risks faced by your organization.

When it comes to securing your assets, you want a team with practical expertise. Presidia Security Consulting’s team of security experts see the risks that may not be perceived by others.  They have been trained to analyze and anticipate security risk and ensure that no stone is left unturned.

But what separates Presidia Security Consulting from the rest of the field is that depth of experience.

Presidia Security Consulting’s Depth of Experience

Our veteran team has had varied and decorated careers on the front lines of domestic and international law enforcement, security and emergency management.

We lead the development of innovative intelligence-based programs for police and security operations.  We work within both government and corporate agencies, to protect their people and their operations, at home and abroad.

Presidia Security Consulting provides unbiased and professional investigations into serious and sensitive personnel and financial matters.

Our team provides security details to key executives for Government and Corporations.

We conduct security exercises for major transportation infrastructure projects.

We partner with leading construction and building firms to design and plan complex security requirements.

Our clients trust Presidia Security Consulting because our clients rely on our security experts. Our team has received the highest recognition and been decorated for our work in a variety of domestic and international law enforcement operations as well as investigative roles with organizations including the Canadian Forces Military Police, the CF National Investigation Service and Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC).

When you engage with Presidia Security Consulting, you also benefit from a widespread body of knowledge and our senior personnel with extensive and varied tactical, operational and strategic experience.

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The Presidia Security Consulting Team