Security Training

A winning team has the skills and confidence to apply their knowledge in a timely, effective and measured fashion. That’s where we come in.

Presidia Security Consulting’s instructors and course development staff ensure your people are armed with the know-how, discretion and good judgment to protect your organization from an increasingly complex web of risks and threats. Knowledge, awareness and security training are your best defence and offence.

Presidia Security Consulting’s strongest asset: our team

The expertise we offer isn’t taught in schools. It is gained through decades of on-the-job experience on the front lines.

Our people come from accomplished careers working for federal agencies, the military, law enforcement and multinational corporations, in areas such as specialist counter-intelligence and counter-surveillance, executive protection, specialized security and investigations.

Members of our team have worked for the Canadian federal government and trained Canadian defence attachés in surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal security for assignment to embassies around the world.

We have extensive experience conducting security training in support of operations at home and abroad. Our team can give you a comprehensive overview of security awareness, focusing on today’s key threats. We will help you develop a risk profile and training program that will address your blind spots to protect you, your employees, your organization and your families.

What Presidia Security Consulting does

The Presidia Security Consulting team provides customized online or in-person training to meet your needs; learn more about our training programs and download individual program brochures by clicking on the following underlined courses:

  • Executive Security Specialist, to prepare individuals to protect VIPs in the Canadian business environment with the highest levels of discretion and diplomacy. We equip our candidates with the skills to take appropriate and decisive action as required. More importantly, we train them in advanced intelligence gathering and planning to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats before they occur.
  • Security Screening Analyst, to ensure your screening process for new hires is effective and your personnel have the right training and resources to adhere to the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada Standard on Security. Screening must be effective, rigorous, consistent and fair. Security screening analysts have a vital responsibility in this process and the consequence of error can be grave.
  • Security Screening Interviewing, to equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to carry out an effective security interview when doubts arise about a job candidate’s trustworthiness and loyalty to Canada.
  • Travel Security and Awareness, to educate your people to better understand the threat environment when travelling and give them the tools to protect themselves from potential risks and threats. It only makes good business sense in a dynamic threat environment in which business travellers are seen as lucrative targets by criminals, hostile intelligence agents and terrorist organizations.

Presidia Security Consulting also provides Security Training in:

Presidia Security Consulting’s track record

Examples of past related projects by members of the Presidia Security Consulting team include:

  • Qualification standards (QS) and lesson plans developed for the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy, including specialized security training programs.
  • Executive Protection Program – Development, oversight and management of a program tailored specifically for a major federal financial institution. This included selection standards, policy, standard operating procedures, training and operational planning. Services also included security advice to, and protection of, high-profile corporate executives, both within Canada and at international locations.
  • Security Response Training and Exercise – Developed and delivered a one-day security response exercise for a federal department.
  • Travel Security Program for Executives – Developed a training package for a major federal financial institution.
  • Response Training and Exercise – Developed and delivered a one-day security response exercise for a government protective service.
  • Administrative Security Investigation Procedures – Developed and presented a two-day course to a federal department.
  • De-Escalation Techniques Training – Developed and presented several serials of a de-escalation techniques course for a government organization with personnel who may be placed in a security-risk situation.
  • Administrative Security Investigation Course – Developed and delivered a two-day course for a federal government department that provided instruction on administrative security investigative techniques.
  • Court Security Officer Program – Developed for a federal department a governance structure, job descriptions, statement of requirements for contracted positions, standard operating procedures, training requirements and emergency operating procedures.
  • Security Training Handbook – Researched and developed for a federal department, which included information for security and protection services, procedures, guidelines and security/protection advice.

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