Security Intelligence

Organizations, whether government organizations, small businesses or large multinationals, face a dynamic threat environment that demands the utmost vigilance and discipline.  Situational awareness based upon timely intelligence is your best defensive posture.

Business intelligence is now commonplace. Anyone with an internet connection can quickly collect an abundance of information on any given topic or person. Social networking continues to expand this rich and easily accessible information bank.

This has two consequences. First, it is easy for competitors to glean substantial insight into a rival organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Second, it is easy for you to perform the same research in support of your own organizational goals, and take the pulse of the trends and developments that can work for or against you.

Bringing big data to heel

The challenge is how to sift through what can be a bewildering flood of big data, to uncover and piece together relevant information into an intelligence picture that supports your operations. The value of your own information can increase exponentially when combined with open source research and other entities with whom you are willing to share some information.

Taking advantage of the Internet complements, but doesn’t replace, traditional methods and protocols for formal intelligence gathering and analysis. To best serve your organizational needs in today’s environment, you need both.

This is where Presidia Security Consulting can help.

Proven Security Intelligence Capability

Our team has worked at all levels of intelligence operations – strategic, operational and tactical. We have led the development of innovative intelligence-based programs for police and security operations within both the public and private sectors.

Our track records include leading intelligence modernization efforts for federal agencies, holding executive-level positions with Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) and keeping Canadian executives safe in situations where timely intelligence is everything.

What Presidia Security Consulting does

Presidia Security Consulting offers complete Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) solutions tailored to your needs.  We are specialty trained and have the tools necessary to produce high-quality open source intelligence products.

Presidia Security Consulting’s Security Intelligence Services include:

  • Program and policy development
  • Social media monitoring and analysis
  • Location-based actionable intelligence from all major social media channels – with and without geo-location
  • Link analysis
  • Threat and risk mitigation recommendations based on real-time intelligence

Examples of our work

  • Development of a Security Intelligence Strategy: Led the development of a needs analysis and change management process for a Government of Canada agency, to be used by senior management to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio, feasibility and implications of expanding the agency’s intelligence activities
  • Intelligence Program Design: Designed a complete intelligence program for a prominent and operationally sensitive Government of Canada agency, to track and thwart risks to staff, the public and public officials at the highest levels. The program included a step-by-step implementation plan
  • Business Intelligence and Investigation: Conducted a multi-year intelligence and investigative effort for a large Canadian corporation that identified, tracked and mitigated illegal activity impacting its operations and reputation. The operation included research, an amalgamation of all previous intelligence and the expansion of the intelligence program throughout the investigation
  • Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) Strategic Review: Led a review that provided a foundation for CISC’s focus for the following four years

Specialized Security Intelligence Analysis

Members of our team hold the following specialized intelligence qualifications and experience:

  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis
  • Advanced Informant Development
  • Strategic Security Intelligence
  • Fundamentals of Criminal Intelligence
  • Counter-Intelligence Operations
  • Leadership in Counter-Terrorism
  • Leadership of Strategic Intelligence Programs
  • Membership on the National Executive Committee for Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
  • Former Senior Leadership of Criminal Intelligence Service Canada