Despite your best efforts to protect your assets and ensure the loyalty of everyone in the organization, you have reason to suspect wrongdoing. It may be a data breach from the inside, a theft or evidence that confidential information has somehow fallen into the wrong hands.

Perhaps there is no suspicion of criminal wrongdoing and your investigative needs are simply administrative, to probe, for example, the circumstances around a workplace incident, issue or complaint.  You may require a due diligence investigation, to check the background of a potential new employee, or to ensure that your organization doesn’t face undue risk from doing business with another entity.

Are you prepared?

Regardless of the scenario, your organization may lack the resources, qualifications, oversight and guidelines to ensure any investigation is sufficiently thorough, objective, timely and fair.

Investigations of any kind can have a negative impact on the reputation and livelihood of the individual being investigated if not done properly and without bias. They may also create liability for your organization.

This is why you should call Presidia Security Consulting.

The Presidia Security Consulting Pedigree

Our people have been decorated for their work in a variety of domestic and international law enforcement and investigative roles:

  • Senior and executive roles with the Canadian Forces Military Police and the CF National Investigation Service
  • Leading an international investigation into alleged corruption, fraud and black-market activity
  • Serving at a senior level with Criminal intelligence Service Canada (CISC) – the inter-agency organization that coordinates and shares criminal intelligence among member police forces
  • Managing specialized investigation support programs, including mobile and technical surveillance, polygraph, computer forensics and criminal intelligence units, as well as national undercover drug investigations
  • Senior investigator and deputy departmental security officer positions with a Crown corporation

Examples of Presidia Security Consulting’s Investigations Work

We apply this extensive experience to the investigative and related services that we deliver to both government and corporate clients.

For example, we have:

  • Current standing offers with multiple federal government agencies to provide investigation services
  • Conducted a complex, multi-year investigation and subsequent project to identify and analyze trends in illicit activity for a multinational corporation. The project involved extensive use of mobile and static surveillance, interviews, research and other investigative techniques
  • Created an administrative investigation manual for a major department of the Government of Canada
  • Developed and delivered an administration investigations procedures course and training for a major department of the Government of Canada
  • Developed a procedures manual for assisting with Government of Canada conflicts of interest investigations
  • Conducted numerous administrative and disciplinary investigations for Canada’s corrections community

Trust Presidia Security Consulting for Professional Results

We take pride in conducting investigations that are thorough, timely and accurate. Our team members will always conduct a careful, detailed and systematic examination of the facts to get to the truth.

The services and departments of your organization – such as IT, human resources and legal – can be integrated into our investigations. We can also provide other specialized services such as polygraph and computer forensics.

Specialized Investigations Training

In addition to our years of experience in conducting investigations, members of the Presidia Security Consulting team hold the following specialized qualifications:

  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Advanced Police Officer
  • Major Case Management
  • Informant Development
  • Interrogation/Interview
  • Polygraph Examiner
  • Fundamentals of Criminal Intelligence
  • Forensic Interviewing Course
  • Basic Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)
  • Advanced Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)
  • Investigative Communication
  • Leadership in Counter-Terrorism

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