Converged Security Solutions

Stronger together, Converged Security Solutions offers unparalleled expertise in all facets of security.

Organizations need a cohesive game plan

The world of security is complex and multi-faceted. Physical security must contend with terrorist threats and the use of consumer technologies. Malicious activities in cyberspace that once targeted large organizations now prey on individuals. Securing your key people when they travel to high-risk locations, for example, may not address other threats such as the costly theft of IP or a third-party hack of your IT systems.

An effective security strategy considers its security posture as a cohesive whole, from the firewall to the backdoor. But few security vendors offer a truly competitive and converged security solution that can be tailored to the individual needs of a facility or an organization.

Why we joined ADGA Group

We merged with the ADGA Group in 2018 after recognizing the need for a Canadian “single source of service” for all security requirements.

Presidia Security Consulting is now a key contributor to ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions.Over the past 50 years, ADGA has built a formidable reputation as a Canadian leader in Defence, Security, and Enterprise Computing.

Through ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions, Presidia Security Consulting’s strategic security, investigation and intelligence services are enhanced with enterprise risk management, electronic security systems, cybersecurity and other elements of physical and personnel security.

How this benefits you

Converged Security Solutions frees our clients from the time, expense and headache of having to procure and manage a patchwork of products and services from different vendors. Clients benefit from a holistic and people-centric approach to services, coast to coast to coast, with the professional and ethical conduct they have come to expect from ADGA and Presidia Security Consulting.

All this reduces costs, streamlines operations and provides assurance that your integrity and reputation is protected.

Our Canadian security practice delivers an unparalleled level of convergence, or peace of mind.

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