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Many people loath safety training. They dislike it for a variety of reasons. They are introverted. They dislike repetition. They feel the training may or not be adequately suited to their role or job function. But the reality is – some health and safety courses and first aid training is imperative for the ‘just in …

What makes a good security leader

What Makes a Good Security Leader?

James Legere

This article will examine a few of the key leadership principles for the security leader and professional, and explain why choosing your security leader wisely is critical to your organization’s success and, quite possibly, its survival.

Security Awareness While Traveling

Security Awareness While Traveling

Presidia Security

There is often debate over the best methods that can be taken to protect yourself while traveling in high-risk regions. There are several very simple steps that can be taken to assist in lowering your profile as a target, this article addresses these steps.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Considerations

Stephen Moore

When the well-being of the member being protected and the reputation of your organization is at risk you do not want to enhance that risk by hiring firms or individuals who are untrained and ill-prepared to provide the professional services you deserve.

administrative investigations / Enquêtes administratives

Administrative Investigations

Bud Garrick

It is extremely important for all organizations to ensure that they have the proper strategies in place to minimize the risk to their core business functions and their employees.