Dealing with Threats – Considerations when you are the target of a serious threat

Stephen Moore

In the pre-COVID-19 recent past (yes – pre-COVID times are still the recent past), my colleague and I were having discussions with a potential future team member during the evening at a pub in downtown Ottawa.  Looking around the room I noted a prominent Federal Government Minister at a table nearby.  I walked over to …

Working from Home – Security Considerations for the “New Normal”

Stephen Moore

The speed at which both Government and large corporations adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and made working from home the new normal is truly impressive.  This sort of flexibility was business as usual for many small corporations but was often frowned upon by many traditional C-Suite executives. Now that working from home is the default …

Information Security: Bridging Cybersecurity and Physical Security

Frédéric Maurette

Imagine this if you will: An employee is teleworking on some critical corporate business and financial information.  Some hours later, the employee takes a break to go to the grocery store. The laptop and the files are left on the dining room table. Twenty minutes later, an intruder slides in through the unlocked back door. …

Finding Balance: Personal Privacy or Public Security

Brian Frei

Policy makers around the world have been seeking the publicly acceptable balance between an individual’s right to personal privacy and society’s need for collective security for many years.  States around the world have enacted surveillance and monitoring policies that vary widely depending on local and regional conditions.  While many authoritarian states or states engulfed in …

Supply Chain Security

Stephen Moore

“Entering into a crisis is not the time to figure out what you want to be. You must already be a well-functioning organization prepared to rapidly mobilize your resources, take your losses, and survive another day for the good of all your stakeholders.” ¹ Presidia has had the pleasure of assisting large and small clients, …

The Crisis is Over…What Now?

Bud Garrick

Plans, What Plans? Many organizations, both those in government and private business, have a manual sitting on someone’s bookshelf that is titled “Business Continuity Plan” or “Emergency Response Plan” or “Security Plan” because they are mandated, or expected, to have one. However, in reality these critical documents are rarely, if ever, taken off the shelf …

Global Security Threats - Menaces à la sécurité mondiale

Global Security Threats, Local Security Risks

Brian Frei

Global security threats might translate to local security risks for Canadian businesses, each with unique security challenges that require a holistic view of corporate security programs.