Presidia Course Offerings 

Presidia Security Consulting offers a wide range of industry-leading security courses. Presidia's professionals have a wealth of training and experience in policing, security, investigations and intelligence. .


Administrative Investigation Techniques

Administrative investigations can have a very negative impact on the reputation and livelihood of the individual being investigated and they bring a large amount of liability to both the institution that directed the investigation take place as well as the individual assigned with carrying out the investigation. Presidia’s Administrative Investigation Techniques course provide solutions to ensure your investigators are supplied with the tools necessary to systematically obtain and evaluate information regarding the circumstances and facts surrounding an allegation in a fair and impartial manner. Topics include:

  • An introduction to Administrative Investigations
  • Case and file managementl
  • Investigation Planning
  • Note-taking Skills
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Statement-taking skills
  • Report writing

It is extremely important for all organizations to ensure that they have the proper strategies in place to minimise the risk to their core business functions and their employees, ensuring that administrative investigations are conducted in a professional and focused manner is one of those strategies.

Travel Security

Today’s dynamic threat environment demands the utmost vigilance and discipline. Business travellers present lucrative targets for criminals, hostile intelligence agents, and terrorist organizations. Educating your personnel to better understand this environment and giving them the tools to protect themselves against potential risks/threats not only demonstrates due diligence, it is a good business practice. Members of the Presidia team have extensive experience conducting security awareness training in support of operations at home and abroad. They have provided specialist counter-intelligence and counter-surveillance training for executives travelling internationally. Our team of security professionals will give you a comprehensive overview of security awareness, focusing on today’s key threats to business executives. We will help you develop your own Personal Risk Profile, and give you the most current strategies to protect you, your employees, and your families.

Our training can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, to deal with a specific country or threat situation, or it can be more generic in nature, giving practical security awareness to your most precious asset: your people. Our current course offering includes:

  • Overview of the International Security Situation
  • Overview of the Risks/Threats Facing Executives While Travelling
  • Personal Security Measures
  • Threat Identification
  • Counter-Intelligence Strategies
  • Counter-Surveillance Strategies
  • Information Security

…and more, including practical applications and the development of your own Personal Risk Profile.

Intelligence Collection and Use

This one-day course is aimed at the security manager who requires an understanding of the role and function of a proper security intelligence program. Topics will include:

  • Importance of appropriate policies and procedures including governance
  • Identification of Priority Intelligence Requirements and development of a Collection Plan
  • Sources of information
  • Role of the Analyst
  • Forms of Intelligence dissemination

Security Program Development

Organizations are responsible for the security of their staff and offices as well as other sensitive material and assets that may be placed in their care. An appropriate security program, will take a holistic view of an organization in order to enhance and maintain the security of operations. Our one-day seminar will assist you in developing a comprehensive security program including:

  • Determining how various elements of a security program integrate
  • Set out roles and responsibilities for the security program, ensuring tasks are assigned, understood, documented, tracked, and organized in a consistent manner
  • Adjust security mitigation measures and operations in response to changing circumstances

Security Plan Development

This one-day training seminar is aimed at security professionals who will be responsible for the development of an organizational security plan. A proper security plan will provide the ability to make well informed decisions for managing security risks and outline strategies, goals, objectives, priorities and timelines for improving overall departmental security. A proper, robust security plan is based upon a process of security risk management (SRM) to ensure that decisions for managing security risks are substantiated through thorough analysis and supported by processes which are rigorous, repeatable and documented. Our security professionals have extensive experience in the development and implementation of security plans and will take you through the full process as well as providing you with the tools and templates to develop your own organizational security plans.